​​ ​The Loose Lion Community

When you see just Loose Lion on our albums.  You know it started with a few of us in the Dub Shack collaborating at first note or first loop or drum break of the songs.

Loose Lion is not really a band. We are a community, a vibe, a culture growing with old and new wisdom. Rhymes and riddims. Om's and tones. We are like-minded souls that are here to create. To give back to the world in grooves with healing forces and knowledge of self-empowerment. 

We use the name Loose Lion as the gathering of the vibe,
mostly in the Den's Studio in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
We  collaborate together on studio releases and support each other's solo
existence as freelance artists recording and playing their live shows.
Our live setting brings the fire out in the groove for people to get down on and shake off that daily stress. 

The vibes are a Fusion of Roots, Rock,  Reggae, Dub, Funk, Blues, and Hip Hop. 
We dip into a style calling out the name Funkadub! Jah Bless You All.